Roy Thinnes: BassSynthi

Planet Z:


From ScopeRise Article:

On 26th March 2010, Roy Thinnes announced the release of his new free bass synth on PlanetZ.

Roy:  A new phase modulation synth with the following features:

  • Two Oscillators
  • Two AD Envelopes,
  • Tri LFO,
  • A DSP delay,
  • A 24dB Low Pass filter,
  • An FX insert.

Despite this thrifty equipment it has a character of it’s own.

Dante: Not bad, had you built any Scope synths before BassSynthi?
Roy:  Oh yes. The BassSynthi was my third synth device.

Dante: So what synths had you made before BassSynthi?
Roy: The DxSynth and the Atze

Dante:  And your design goals for BassSynthi?
Roy: After DxSynth and Atze, I wanted to make a compact, easy-to-edit synth device, which nevertheless should have a distinctive sound.  By fiddling around with the Modular Synth, I found a simple way to realize Phase Modulation. Osc1 goes to a Modulation Delay, which delay time is being modulated by Osc2.  The output of both oscillators is summed, passed though envelopes, an LFO, a low pass filter and finally the effects insert and that’s it!

Roy Thinnes and Dante July 2012


Roy Thinnes: Reloopah

Planet Z:


DSP File:

Here is the device version of the Reloopah module.
(see here)-in order to work, a ramp signal has to be connected to the ramp input of the device. preferred method is to load a ramp wave into host sequencer (can be downloaded here) and to send it via designated Asio output to the device. (don’t forget to set the correct tempo of the Reloopah device)
–slice controls 1-16 – select the position of the slice you want. the red are the default positions
–output 1-16 (below) – the device has two pairs of outputs; select the slice output here – green=out1(default), red=out2
–dezip settings: default settings should work in most situations; if the loop contains much harmonic content, try to change/increase dezipNWRelease (default 300)
–sliceScaling: decrease slice length. when used, a gate effect is achieved; use dezipNWrelease to avoid clicks
–snap 1-18: buffers which include slice positions, dezip, sliceScaling settings.
–randomize: when first used, slice positions are initialized=all on pos.1; press again to get random slice positions
–preset list for all parameters (little icon)
–preset list just for slice positions, dezip, sliceScaling settings

download device here
download dsp file here
audio examples:
have fun!
ps as already mentioned – this device is a dsp hog; don’t be worried if it takes some time to load!

DerKnott: MOVEQ+

Planet Z:


Thanks for downloading MOVEQ+ so many times!!!!
Here comes MOVEQ+ 1.3.

I’m so sorry, that I realized 1 year after first release of a ‘final’ version, that dsp-distribution wasn’t optimal. That could cause problems when using MOVEQ+ in my MOVamily-MS-processor.
Here comes the optimized versions 8 & 4 inluding the CUT-versions.
2-EQ-version was O.K. with dsp-distribution.

In the zip you’ll find a little present to dry the tears. I call it “M-EQ-S”. It’s a very simple but nice device, I think.


P.S. As with any of my freeware devices which are in a way never-ending-betas I do not give any guaranty for anything. Try on your own risk!



HifiBoom: RSPV-01 High Class Plate

Planet Z:


Okay I am happy to announce a new reverb plug-in.

Forget my old reverb checkouts….
I`ve reworked the stuff from scratch with better algo design…

Much work has gone into it ! :P

Now with more friendly surface and small manual !
Special care was also done about DSP usage. So its pretty low on the DSP hit :)

Have fun ! :)



Shroomz~> OCTAMIX

Planet Z:


Some of you might remember an 8-channel mixer I made for using within the Creamware modular called Octamix. Well this is the Scope edition for using standalone in the scope Routing Window.

OCTAMIX is a very simple 8 channel mixer which is very low on dsp usage (<1). It has many of the features that you would expect to find on a small traditional 8 channel analogue desk, although it does have a few features which are quite unique to Scope. It provides some of the features found on larger Scope mixers enabling some simple mixing facilities with low dsp cost.


– 8 mono channels
– 2 mono inserts per channel
– Pre & post insert clip leds per channel
– 2 Aux sends per channel (pre/post switchable)
– 0-200 sample delay per channel
– Solo & mute buttons per channel
– Channel labelling
– 2 x stereo returns (each with 3 x stereo insert & VU)
– Main mix channel (with 3 x stereo insert & VU)
– Stereo input with gain control.
– Monitor output with gain control.
– Aux panel switchable between Int (2 x insert each) & external (ext).
– Meterbridge featuring post pan VUs for channels 1-8 & STin & Monitor VUs.
– Less than one DSP usage (not counting inserted effects).

I might update this at some point soon because it was made a while back, so let me know if you find any problems etc.

Hope you find it useful. :)




Sharc: LOOP – MIDI Sequencer

Planet Z:


LOOP is a 16-step MIDI sequencer capable of Note, Pitch bend, Control change, Channel Aftertouch, Poly Aftertouch and Program Change message output per step. 32 patterns can be stored and recalled either from the device panel or via incoming MIDI notes.

Updated to Version 0.6

– Added note length parameter
– Added track and pattern presets
– Patterns can be switched by incoming MIDI notes
– This version is currently limited to 1 track

Known issues which I’ll try and fix for next update:

– Note hangs when switching between patterns and adjusting notes while note is playing.

0.6b Update

Bug fix in Track Presets – Pattern Names now stored. Added Extend Horizontal / Vertical buttons to make 16 steps viewable at once.



Shroomz~> Spinner

Planet Z:



SPINNER is a FAT 24dB multimode resonant filter with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Notch modes

Frequency range – 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Modulation frequency range 0.1 Hz to 1.0 Hz
Spread parameter – 0 to max (spreads frequency of poles 3&4 away from poles 1&2)

Let me know what you think & if you find any issues or problems.




Shroomz~> Spinner DE

Planet Z:


Here is a Delay Edition of SPINNER. The configuration is Delay1 > SPINNER > Delay2. The delays are purely tempo-based. You can set the BPM values with the BPM pots or by typing your desired tempo into the BPM displays. After setting your tempo/s you can then set separate Quantize values for L & R to give you your desired delay time/s.

Presets should be fully working, but I haven’t made very many for this yet, so in the meantime, you can either create your own preset bank from scratch or make a copy of the ‘SPINNER.pre’ file & rename it to ‘SPINNER DE.pre’ which will allow you to load the default SPINNER presets.

Have fun & let me know what you think. :cool:




Sharc & Shroomz~> C4T

Planet Z:


Presets by MayN:

Shroomz and I are proud to present you with a sneaky peek at our first Scope synth – The C4T Monosynth. It’s based on our Octave CAT which is one of my favourite monosynths. At the moment it’s still an early beta and we plan on adding several new features as well as a few more tweaks here and there to get an even closer representation of the original.