Sharc: Colossus

Planet Z:


Colossus is an Electric Piano Device inspired by Kensuguro’s incredible Setanta tres patch for the modular. I have to say that when I first heard this patch, I was blown away. I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now and when I finally got round to it, despite the fact I already had a modular patch to base it on it’s not been as easy as I thought to recreate. Colossus is built from scratch (no modular modules in there) and features a few alterations & additions to Ken’s algo. … All feedback is most welcome. Enjoy



Sharc: LOOP – MIDI Sequencer

Planet Z:


LOOP is a 16-step MIDI sequencer capable of Note, Pitch bend, Control change, Channel Aftertouch, Poly Aftertouch and Program Change message output per step. 32 patterns can be stored and recalled either from the device panel or via incoming MIDI notes.

Updated to Version 0.6

– Added note length parameter
– Added track and pattern presets
– Patterns can be switched by incoming MIDI notes
– This version is currently limited to 1 track

Known issues which I’ll try and fix for next update:

– Note hangs when switching between patterns and adjusting notes while note is playing.

0.6b Update

Bug fix in Track Presets – Pattern Names now stored. Added Extend Horizontal / Vertical buttons to make 16 steps viewable at once.



Sharc & Shroomz~> C4T

Planet Z:


Presets by MayN:

Shroomz and I are proud to present you with a sneaky peek at our first Scope synth – The C4T Monosynth. It’s based on our Octave CAT which is one of my favourite monosynths. At the moment it’s still an early beta and we plan on adding several new features as well as a few more tweaks here and there to get an even closer representation of the original.