Ocean Swift: Shruti Free

Additive Drone Synthesizer for Scope DSP Audio Platform.
The fun and unique Indian harmony setting shruti boxes make their way to the Scope platform in the form of simple and clever additive synthesis instruments.

Discussion and more info: https://forums.scopeusers.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=34383

Download the device and the manual from http://www.oceanswift.net

There’s also a more advanced commercial version available as part of the Dream Bundle from Sonic Core.



Sharc: Colossus

Planet Z: https://forums.scopeusers.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22759

Download: https://forums.scopeusers.com/download/file.php?id=3065

Colossus is an Electric Piano Device inspired by Kensuguro’s incredible Setanta tres patch for the modular. I have to say that when I first heard this patch, I was blown away. I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now and when I finally got round to it, despite the fact I already had a modular patch to base it on it’s not been as easy as I thought to recreate. Colossus is built from scratch (no modular modules in there) and features a few alterations & additions to Ken’s algo. … All feedback is most welcome. Enjoy



Soren Jepsen: Odessa

Planet Z: http://forums.planetz.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=32115

Download: http://forums.planetz.com/download/file.php?id=10321

Layout for TB MIDI Stuff: http://forums.planetz.com/download/file.php?id=10323

This is my first device using the SDK. There’s probably some kinks and wrinkles to be addressed, so please leave a comment if you find something :-)

It’s really not anything new, as it’s based heavily on the Arp Odyssey. Also, I have no access to atoms in SDK 5.1, so I had to make do with what was available as modules.

Sharc has been very helpfull, and made a sample&hold module for me. Hats off!

Anyway, have at it and please leave comments and ideas (I already have a few). It should work all the way back to Scope 4.0. I had it running on a Luna II card with 3 voices.

I made a layout for iPad app “TB MIDI Stuff”, so you can sit at the keyboard with your iPad and program the synth. I’ve attached the file, in case any of you folks use that app. On that note, I can’t wait till SDK6 gets to a usable point, so we can start implementing OSC :-)

The layout (or page as I think it’s called) is not comprehensive, but most things are there. Anyway you can easily edit/add in the app (one of the things I really like about it).

Also the synth (and this page) follows the the way cc-messages are set up for the Prodyssey. So you could program the synth from the hardware Prodyssey (not sure that would make sense thou :-))





Roy Thinnes: CwmSynthi

Planet Z: https://forums.scopeusers.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=29400

Download: http://www.cwmodular.org/files/CwmSynthi.zip

a new cwm device. more infos here.
sound snippets v1.0v1.2v1.3v1.6.



Semi modular Synth.

All sound and modulation sources as well as the various inserts(processing units) can be selected.
basic procedure: select one or more osc(s), crank up it’s volume in one of the two sourceMix modules, and start elaborating it by selecting one or more of the various insert circuits (see below). you have 2×6 inserts available. if wanted, use Chorus and EQs at the end of the signal chain. tip: watch out for clipping.
Because selecting different “modules” (oscs, inserts, mod sources) for different presets means (de)activating the respective dsps, crackling will occur when switching between presets with different “circuits”. turn down volume of your amp a bit.
*osc FM and PitchMod; constantFrq if wanted.
oscs: MultiOscMaster, MultiOscSlave – if using the slave version, it can be synced to gate (useful for FM) or a MultiOscMaster (HardSync).
morphingSaw with shapeMod (sine<->saw)
morphingPulse with shapeMod,(pulse<->saw) and PWMod
RawSaw – more brilliant, but (in higher frequencies) slightly distorted sound
ExtIn1&2 – use cwmSynthi as an fx device.
whiteNoise is available in the sourceMix section.
mods: Adsr, Ad with attack & delay slope, LevelVelocity and TimeVelocity controls.
multiLfo – expanded version with polarity switch, beatSync and gainMod controls.
randomSignalGenerator – type (sine/tri/step), polarity switch, rateMod controls
envFollow – to use external audio as a mod source. in&out gain, att, rel controls.
extIn/Insert – all signals inside (osc1-3, noise, ins11-26) and outside (extIn1,2) can be used as mod sources. with smooth and gain controls.
keyFollow – amount (-/+200) and baseKey controls. useful eg for KarplusStrong sound.
const/CC – use a midiCC to modulate several sound parameters at once.
inserts: BitChop (ins11+21 only)
TempoDelay (ins12-16 and 22-26 only) – max. delTime 5461ms; tempoSync, FB, dry, wet controls
Division – modulatable distortion module. parameters: modGain (-99 to +99), offset (-99 to +99), attenuation (-99 to dry). you can switch what is dividend and what the divisor (mod source or sound input).
multiply(Vca) – module that is normally used in any sound for loudness control (except “noodles”).
x^2or3 – power of 2 or 3 of the processed signal
MultiModeFilter – 12dB filter. freq, 2x cfMod, Q, ampl controls, lp/hp/bp switch.
CombFilter – coarse, reso, damp controls incl. mods.
VocFilter – the usual version incl. xMod (<-Formant) and frq modulation.
8kModDelay – max delTime 166.7ms (can be modulated); timeOffset, damp and FBamp controls.
module is quite heavy on dsp.
Mix4 – inputs are osc1-3, noise, ext1/2, ins11-26)
*pan&out section: set panning incl. panMod and level for the two insert lines (ins11-16 resp. 21-26).
 for every insert to avoid clipping (switchable)
*note pad on bottom of the synth (text is saved in presets)
*Chorus and 3xEQ before audio out


Planet Z Thread

Download OSS 108

One small Synthesizer (OSS) 108 is based on my first Synth plug OSS 107.
I just finalised it and intend to use it as a basis for a rebuild version of my Opale Project.
Meanwhile I release this one for thoose waiting for the Opale.
The main differences are:
– different filter
– new Oscillator instead of the UKNOW Osc used in the OSS 107:
=> phase parameter is replaced by a morphing function between Sine and PWM , and between Sine and Saw
=> Sub Osc is replaced by a Ring Modulator
=> Ghost Host include different signal processing
The preset are based uppon thoose of the OSS 107 with slight correction on some of them …

Hope you enjoy it.




Planet Z Thread

Download OSS 107

Finally here it is for you all: my first SDK synth plug-in.

Thanks to all the kind people who help me in any way to set this one up and running and especially:
– Neutron for his “public” project which help me much to understand synth construction under scope SDK
– ShroomZ for his smart GUI elements
– all the people who were so kind to beta test it for me and especially
– my french speaking friends from MaoMusique (JoyLulu, CWAudio, Gustav and Reidid other there) and provide me a first bunch of presets (52 until now which would be released other there as soon as I get a full 128 presets)
– irrelevance, hifiboom, Johannis, scope4live, breitner and JLS who tested it and provide me a second bunch of preset (30 until now provided by Breitner and JLS). The feedback I had so far just gave me more hints on how to enhance the plug. I finally decide that it would not be further modified to keep preset compatibility and take the enhancement request for one of the next plug (maybe an advanced version of the OSS 107).

Not that much new but thought to be remote with a hardware midi BCR 2000 controller (other could also work, template provided for both BCR 2000 and BCF 2000).

This one is just designed to be a small and simple not so DSP hungry analog like synth.

In the package you will find:
– my first set of presets for this plug (a 58 preset bank)
– a manual in english and french.
– BCR 2000 and BCF 2000 templates

Merry ChristmaZ to you all