Soren Jepsen: Odessa

Planet Z:


Layout for TB MIDI Stuff:

This is my first device using the SDK. There’s probably some kinks and wrinkles to be addressed, so please leave a comment if you find something :-)

It’s really not anything new, as it’s based heavily on the Arp Odyssey. Also, I have no access to atoms in SDK 5.1, so I had to make do with what was available as modules.

Sharc has been very helpfull, and made a sample&hold module for me. Hats off!

Anyway, have at it and please leave comments and ideas (I already have a few). It should work all the way back to Scope 4.0. I had it running on a Luna II card with 3 voices.

I made a layout for iPad app “TB MIDI Stuff”, so you can sit at the keyboard with your iPad and program the synth. I’ve attached the file, in case any of you folks use that app. On that note, I can’t wait till SDK6 gets to a usable point, so we can start implementing OSC :-)

The layout (or page as I think it’s called) is not comprehensive, but most things are there. Anyway you can easily edit/add in the app (one of the things I really like about it).

Also the synth (and this page) follows the the way cc-messages are set up for the Prodyssey. So you could program the synth from the hardware Prodyssey (not sure that would make sense thou :-))






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