ADERN: Clock 2 Click

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Clock 2 Click is a metronome tool for VDAT. Creamwares recording plugin for Scope 4.dsp card. Besides being a metronome you can also use Clock 2 Click as a syncronization tool for Creamware Modular, Flexor, and other MIDI devices.

Clock 2 Click is powered by FleXor.
Made only with basic low-level math atoms.




ADERN: KickMe Too!

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Download KickMe Too!

Made to generate extra punchy bass drums, this device generates some serious kicks. Its sample accurate envelopes and rock solid oscillator give a great deal of control. Paired with a simple intuitive interface it is the perfect solution to get your own kicks out of your Creamware dsp card.

Version 2 adds tonal shaping for even more serious punch!

KickMe is powered by FleXor technology.
Made only with basic low-level math atoms.