Roy Thinnes: BassSynthi

Planet Z:


From ScopeRise Article:

On 26th March 2010, Roy Thinnes announced the release of his new free bass synth on PlanetZ.

Roy:  A new phase modulation synth with the following features:

  • Two Oscillators
  • Two AD Envelopes,
  • Tri LFO,
  • A DSP delay,
  • A 24dB Low Pass filter,
  • An FX insert.

Despite this thrifty equipment it has a character of it’s own.

Dante: Not bad, had you built any Scope synths before BassSynthi?
Roy:  Oh yes. The BassSynthi was my third synth device.

Dante: So what synths had you made before BassSynthi?
Roy: The DxSynth and the Atze

Dante:  And your design goals for BassSynthi?
Roy: After DxSynth and Atze, I wanted to make a compact, easy-to-edit synth device, which nevertheless should have a distinctive sound.  By fiddling around with the Modular Synth, I found a simple way to realize Phase Modulation. Osc1 goes to a Modulation Delay, which delay time is being modulated by Osc2.  The output of both oscillators is summed, passed though envelopes, an LFO, a low pass filter and finally the effects insert and that’s it!

Roy Thinnes and Dante July 2012



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