Roy Thinnes: Reloopah

Planet Z: Download: DSP File: Here is the device version of the Reloopah module. (see here)-in order to work, a ramp signal has to be connected to the ramp input of the device. preferred method is to load a ramp wave… Continue Reading

DerKnott: MOVEQ+

Planet Z: Download: Thanks for downloading MOVEQ+ so many times!!!! Here comes MOVEQ+ 1.3. I’m so sorry, that I realized 1 year after first release of a ‘final’ version, that dsp-distribution wasn’t optimal. That could cause problems when using MOVEQ+… Continue Reading

Shroomz~> Spinner

Planet Z: Download: Presets: SPINNER is a FAT 24dB multimode resonant filter with Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass & Notch modes Frequency range – 20 Hz to 20 kHz Modulation frequency range 0.1 Hz to 1.0 Hz Spread parameter… Continue Reading