wavelength: Plasma Drumsynth

Planet Z: https://forums.scopeusers.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=11270

Download: https://www.scopeusers.com/Pulsar/files/devices/plasma.zip


– 12 vintage-style analogue drum sounds (14, if hihat seperations are included):

snare 1
snare 2
3 tom-toms
hihats (3 segments, for eg: closed/ open/ semi-closed)

– each sound has its own output, or can be mixed internally, with the onboard mixer (includes individual level and pan controls to stereo output)

– each sound can be muted (individual out and stereo mix out) and mapped anywhere on the control keyboard

– stereo mix output includes left and right level controls and a stereo split spatializer (makes stereo field wider)


– bassdrums are unique from each other: one being an ultra-low frequency sub-kick, the other a more punchy, attack-oriented kick
– snares have morphing tone parameters (sine to saw) and each snare has a unique noise filter, giving each snare a slightly different sound-timbre from the other
– the toms feature morphing tone parameters, as well, (sine to square) with additional pulsewidth controls
– the hihats feature a highpass filter (filters all three segments simultaneously), for onboard resonant tweaking
– every sound features a feedback and a phase shift parameter, giving the sound a metallic edge and amazing new timbre control (phase shift only functions when feedback is used)
– the plasma has all custom analogue-style percussion algorithms, designed with a decidedly electronic sound in mind
– very powerful and expressive sonically: tight velocity control, huge bass-presence, rich percussive timbre variety
– puts an end to thin, wimpy pseudo-virtual analogue drum sounds! the sounds are huge right out of the box… no need for excessive EQing or compression to get the punch you crave!




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