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SPACE EQ – simple Stereo EQ device for mixing & mastering

I’m pleased to give you my first new Scope device creation in over 5 months – SPACE EQ. It’s a very simple stereo-only device that combines EQs based on on Creamware’s excellent 2-band parametric with a spacial technique which doesn’t involve delay or reverberation. The spacial effect can be turned off simply by turning the ‘SPACE’ parameter fully left. There’s also a softclip at the output stage which can be switched on & off.

The Low & High frequency EQ parameters all use stepped potentiometers for ease of making very quick settings. The EQ values & ranges have been set up with the sole idea in mind that the device can be used for mixing & mastering purposes (probably with no or very little use of the SPACE parameter, which is a special effect for those who like to dabble with experimental mixing techniques). I made SPACE EQ for my own mixing knowing that I will sometimes wish to mix with 3 or 4 dB boosts at 60-80Hz & 8-16kHz.

Feel free to let me know what you think..

Have fun folks.. :cool:





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