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Planet Z Thread

Higens Comment:  After browsing the device section I came over Beatz synth, and by listening to the demo I got very excited!  I haven’t had the time to install it my self yet! But I sure will!

Listen for yourself!  Thanks to Brazda lui Novac from the planetz for the demo! (presets used can be found here: https://forums.scopeusers.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=25866

Jah Servant:

Ok, here’s the full release, lotsa controls for you to play with.
Gotta thank Brazda lui Novac for all the assistance and testing.
Knobz by Shroomz.

This is an analog style drum machine, kick, snare, hihat and 3 percussions.
Anywhere you see DK, understand it’s “decay” (before somebody asks “what does DK stand for?”)
Mod, Mod DK and Slope all work together, slope is the slope of the Mod decay.
DK Slp, is the slope for the amp env decay.
Trigger notes are GM midi, percussion’s are on tom notes F1, G1 and A1.
The 2 tone and vol controls for the hihat are for 2 different filters, 1 is HPF and 2 is BPF so you can mix and match them as wanted.
I had a pan control but figured it wasn’t that necessary and turned it into the DK Slope control because I had no room left to add it to the gui for the kick and hihat and I didn’t want to shift everything around. I’m sure most will use the separate outputs anyways so the pan is kind of useless.
I’m not sure how to post a screenshot, if somebody could assist in that please? (and how do you post a screenshot?)





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