DerKnott: Flu_Liq

Planet Z:


Modulation device totally unique for the Scope platform!

Some quotes from Planet Z:

Thank you very much, Martin !!! :D 
I tried the FLU_LIQ with the guitar for a while, and I can assure you, 
this is the best I´ve had since the Electro Harmonix ´s Electric Mistress, way back in in the mid-seventies, and not near as noisy as the Mistress. 
In fact, it´s possible to make an almost exact copy of the Mistress´s sound, minus the noice, wich I don´t miss. 
Great work, Martin !!

I forgot about trying to create a Liquid effect long ago as phasers and flangers and chorus always introduce artifacts that I wasn’t seeking. 
I know this is what I have yearned for years ago. :D 
I use to try a slow phaser on a rotary, you name it, and could never get it. 
This has to be the one that escaped me, but was captured by you. 
You have made so many nice things that work really well, but you hit this one out of the park IMO.




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