Planet Z Thread

Download OSS 107

Finally here it is for you all: my first SDK synth plug-in.

Thanks to all the kind people who help me in any way to set this one up and running and especially:
– Neutron for his “public” project which help me much to understand synth construction under scope SDK
– ShroomZ for his smart GUI elements
– all the people who were so kind to beta test it for me and especially
– my french speaking friends from MaoMusique (JoyLulu, CWAudio, Gustav and Reidid other there) and provide me a first bunch of presets (52 until now which would be released other there as soon as I get a full 128 presets)
– irrelevance, hifiboom, Johannis, scope4live, breitner and JLS who tested it and provide me a second bunch of preset (30 until now provided by Breitner and JLS). The feedback I had so far just gave me more hints on how to enhance the plug. I finally decide that it would not be further modified to keep preset compatibility and take the enhancement request for one of the next plug (maybe an advanced version of the OSS 107).

Not that much new but thought to be remote with a hardware midi BCR 2000 controller (other could also work, template provided for both BCR 2000 and BCF 2000).

This one is just designed to be a small and simple not so DSP hungry analog like synth.

In the package you will find:
– my first set of presets for this plug (a 58 preset bank)
– a manual in english and french.
– BCR 2000 and BCF 2000 templates

Merry ChristmaZ to you all